Are you interested in luxury bathroom ?

the photo shows a gull model washbasin
Our washbasin is a part of Wormhouse Project awarded German Design Award Special 2018

Szkilnik Design presents luxurious wooden washbasins and baths. They are the effect of connection the most beautiful characteristics of wood with superior design and a luxurious finish. Unique product and one of a kind. The manual production process takes 14 weeks. We pay attention to all details to obtain a product both beautiful and functional.

Choosing our washbasins and baths you get a combination of first-class craft and luxury. An additional advantage of our products is their natural warm, which you won’t find in porcelain, stone nor glass sinks. With Szkilnik Design you join a unique group of customers.

If you have visited our site, it means that you have unique expectations. At the same time you want to surround yourself with unusual items, with top-notch designs. By buying our products you enter the elite group of people who appreciate at the same time the natural beauty of wood and the elegance of the finish. Equally important is the atmosphere of luxury that we offer. Let our products inspire you to create the perfect ambience.

The Szkilnik Design company is the official partner of the Polish pavilion at EXPO 2020 in Dubai. Our products will be installed in the VIP area. We are honoured that we participate in a such a prestigious event.